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Government Integrated Pest Management Services

Many public institutions, including local governments and state departments, have required the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to protect our communities and our environment. Some of which are Contra Costa County, City and County of San Francisco, Santa Clara County and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Our ability to provide certified IPM services, as well as over a decade of experience servicing public spaces, has allowed us to partner with groups like these.

Services We Provide

  • Assistance with IPM Compliance
  • Training for staff on IPM best practices
  • Customized IPM plans
  • Per call and ongoing IPM services

As the only company in California that certifies 100% of its services as reduced-risk IPM through Green Shield and EcoWise, we have followed the loudest voices in pain and offered a scientific approach to help. Our investment in IPM technology, training, and in environmental initiatives has helped us to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our waste, and to provide socially equitable services to the underserved.

Pestec has accepted offers of collaboration and worked to instill a practical point of view in otherwise abstract projects. The results of our efforts have been shared openly and honestly with whoever will listen. For this, we have been justly rewarded with a reputation that we are proud of, a diverse team of long time dedicated people and the clientele we want to work with that includes nearby cities, counties and institutions. Our team is committed to continue this evolution in better pest management whatever way the wind blows in our industry. For we know that what is good for our community is good for us.

With Pestec

  • Reduced risk to the environment and building occupants
  • 30 years of IPM experience
  • Transparency through the entire IPM process
  • Creative problem solving for ongoing pest issues
  • Long-term, reduced-risk and effective pest management